Chriszen 98% Aloe Vera & Rice Milk Skin Gel 100ml

Chriszen 98% Aloe Vera & Rice Milk Skin Gel 100ml



A face and body gel that is made with aloe vera and rice milk. It can be used to moisturize and cool skin that has inflammation, redness and sunburn. Other common skin problems like wound, scar and stretch mark can be treated by applying it consistently. It can reduce the risk of skin cancer with antioxidant compounds. Its texture is light, non-sticky and non-oily that can be easily absorbed by the skin.


  • Head to toe care that can be applied on hair, face, neck, hand, elbow, leg, knee, heel and other suitable body parts
  • Hydrates and soothes skin from inflammation, redness and sunburn
  • Repairs and rejuvenates skin from wound, scar and stretch mark
  • Contains antioxidant compounds that avoid free radicals and damage cell
  • Non-sticky and non-oily texture

Suitable for:

  • All skin types including normal, sensitive, combination, dry, and oily skin.
  • Both male and female
  • Age range from children to elder
  • Those who face body skin care problems
  • Those who are looking for family friendly skin care gel

How to use:
1.After bath with a clean body, apply this skin gel on your damp skin.
2.Pat lightly to increase absorption.
3.Leave it cool and dry.
4.For best result, use it twice daily.

Natural plant-based | Free from prohibited ingredient | Cruelty-free | Formulated in Korea

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