REBECOCO Golden Drip Facial Cleansing Balm 50g

REBECOCO Golden Drip Facial Cleansing Balm 50g



It is a mild and safe product that can be used by all ages and ages as a natural-derived surfactant.
It is a cleansing balm that can be used for all types of skin, including oily, dry, and sensitive skin.

  • 3-in-one, minimal cleansing balm is excellent for strong makeup as well as exfoliating and pore care.
  • Excellent for skin trouble care, sensitive and acne-prone skin can also be hypoallergenic deep cleansing.
  • It is a cleansing balm that contains 26.5% of high-nutritive concentrated plant extract that ferment
    and distillation extracts of Dendropanax Morbiferus and 11 kinds of herbal ingredients, and even considers skin health.
  • Protecting the NMF (Natural Moisturizing Factor of the Skin Keratin layer), which can reduce the amount of aloe extract,
    galactomyces, and allantoin components during cleansing, helps maintain moisturizing skin after strong cleansi

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