SEVICH Magnetic Eyelashes With Eyeliner And Tweezer 5 Pairs

SEVICH Magnetic Eyelashes With Eyeliner And Tweezer 5 Pairs

Brand: Sevich


【Product Details】
False Eyelashes Sort : Strip Lashes
False Eyelashe Length : 1cm-1.5cm
False Eyelashes Band : Black Cotton Band
False Eyelashe Type : Full Strip Lashes
False Eyelashes Style : Natural Long
Manufacturing Process : Hand Made
Quantity : 5 pairs
Item Type : Eyelashes Extension
Size : 5 pairs/set
Material : Magnetic Eyelashes
Gender : Unisex

Product contains:
5 Pair Bulu Mata Magnet
Liquid Eyeliner 1
Box with mirror

How to use:
1 .Shake the eyeliner before painting to make it evenly magnetic.

  1. It is best to thicken the eyeliner before drawing twice.
    3 .Repeat to add an eyeliner at the root of the eyelashes, focusing on the corners of the eyes and the tail of the eye (the focus). Transparency (about 1 minute)
    4.Eyelashes are bent into an arch shape with both hands, start from the corner of the eye, and then into the eye, at the end of the eye, clamp the eyelashes with tweezers to help the eyelash magnet and the eyeliner to attract each other
    1. Lightly compact the eyelashes by hand

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