moremo Recovery Balm B120ml*2+moremo water treatment 200ml+Hair Treatment Miracle2X20ml [Dry hair care/Heat damage care/moremo official mall]

moremo Recovery Balm B120ml*2+moremo water treatment 200ml+Hair Treatment Miracle2X20ml [Dry hair care/Heat damage care/moremo official mall]

Brand: Moremo


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Recovery Balm B(120ml2)+moremo water treatment (200ml1 )+Hair Treatment Miracle2X(20ml) set
Intensive hair care Set / Oil coating, Moisturizing serum, Protein care Once a week
Daily care : After shampoo, apply water treatment then after 10 to 30 seconds, rinse thoroughly with water. And, apply recovery balm to your hair, you make hair style.
Once a week : After shampoo, apply 2X treatment then after 5 to 10 minutes, rinse thoroughly with water. And, apply recovery balm to your hair, you make hair style.

Hair management,
solution in just 10 seconds!

The 10 seconds miracle of Moremo Water treatment?

The damaged cuticles instantly absorb the
moisturizing component and silk amino acid with a
light heat in just 10 seconds.

“Water treatment Check Points for Winter season!”

In case of severe damaged hair, leaving hair over10 seconds is fine.
The contents of the product becomes creamy
with a light heat while massaging hair.
For best results, apply products 2-3 times a week.

Recovery Balm B(120ml)
No need to wash, No need to wait

Protein Boosting Charge for damaged hair
with highly enriched protein cream

The moment you need Recovery Balm!
If you frequently treat your hair with high temperature
heat equipment such as a blow dryer, flat iron, and so on

If you have extremely damaged hair with split ends and
dryness due to damage from over the years

When you want a more convenient and effective treatment
for busy mornings

When you want to turn your naturally strong, curly hair
into smoother and softer hair

Protein care that did not exist in the past
Immediate softness right after you apply the product

Smoothing heat damage car
It prevents damage from the heat and allows for
effects that is activated at high temperatures
*You will feel the same softness whether you
air-dry your hair or you blow-dry your hair.

No-wash treatment
The product can be completely absorbed and coat your hair
naturally, so you do not have to wash it off. It’s a so-called
“leave-in” type treatment.

Improvement on extremely damaged hair
21 kinds of amino acids and 7 kinds of proteins will
surely improve damaged hair.

2 kinds of patent components contained

AMINO ACID COMPLEX, a composition of the dead skin
cell layer of the hair and HP-DCC-COMPLEX, an effective
component for the scalp and hair.

How to use

Lightly dry your hair with a towel after washing
it with shampoo. Take out a little amount of Recovery Balm on your palm.

Apply the product evenly while focusing on highly damaged ends.

If you use heat equipment such as a blow dryer/curling iron/flat iron, etc., the
heat activation component effect will increase.

MOREMO Hair Treatment Miracle2X (20ml)

‘I have never been happy with any everyday treatment products’
Miracle 2X is a clinic for damaged hair, available in hair salons
Through a compact of know-hows, our product provides a hair experience,
a feel almost of a luxury hair spa.

‘I lack the time to receive proper hair treatment
despite having damaged hair’
Miracle 2X provides quality smoothness in a brief period of time,
being put together from lengthy research and
quality ingredients effective for damaged hair care.

‘Frequent perm, hair dyeing and using high temperature
equipment are damaging to the hair’
Miracle 2X offers a 3 stage care system Oil formula/Moisturizing
formula/ Protein formula to perfectly care damaged hair

  1. Recovering of damaged hair through 7 protein formulas
    Includes 7 kinds of protein as Hydrolized silk / hydrolyzed keratin, essential components of hair

  2. Providing hair vitality through 8 different moisturizing formulas
    Betaine / Tocopheryl acetate / Iris extract / Green tea extract / Portulaca extract/ Yeast,
    Leached red ginseng extract / Mulberry root extract / Peppermint extract

  3. Oil coating Prevention of hair split Prevention of nutritional component loss Argan oil /
    Camellia oil / Olive oil / Avocado oil contained

< How to use >
After shampooing, squeeze the remaining water off the hair.
apply moderate amount on all parts of hair. especially on hair tips.
Leave for 5-10 minutes and rinse clean with water.

For additional information, please refer to the Moremo Brand page.

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