DOVE Shower Sensitive Skin 1L

DOVE Shower Sensitive Skin 1L

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Those of us with sensitive skin know all too well that it needs special care and how much of a relief it is when we find a body wash that provides that. A good sensitive skin body wash is designed with the needs of delicate skin in mind. And we know one that fits the bill: Dove Sensitive Skin Body Wash, a dermatologist-recommended, hypoallergenic body wash that looks after sensitive skin while still providing the rich lather that we all love.

Dove doesnt leave skin stripped of nutrients after washing. Thats because the formula has mild cleansers, to help your skin retain nutrients as you shower, as well as NutriumMoisture, which replenishes any nutrients that are lost. It helps to maintain your skins moisture barrier as you wash, and leaves you with softer, smoother skin after just one shower. Dove Sensitive Skin Body Wash is hypoallergenicl: its our best body wash for sensitive skin.

*Within the stratum corneum




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