Unicharm Silcot Premium Cotton Puff 66 Sheets [Made in Japan]

Unicharm Silcot Premium Cotton Puff 66 Sheets [Made in Japan]

Brand: Silcot


Unicharm Silcot Premium cotton puff made with 100% natural cotton which is fluffy, light and moist provides high quality comfort and gentleness to the skin. 100% natural cotton surface and the added moisturizing ingredient to the cotton creating soft and gentle texture to skin. Round side cutting allow user slid easily without catch on to skin. Ideal for toner application and remove make up

In addition to making skincare easier, Silcot maximizer cotton can also be divided into 2 parts and used as a mask, The shape of the silcot follows the shape of the eye so it can be attached perfectly to the area below the eye.

Use for application of skincare and cosmetics, or smooth texture is perfect for removal of makeup and nail polish.

Brand: UNICHARM/Unicharm
Makeup/Cosmetic Tool Items: UNICHARM Super Water-Saving1/2Cotton
Cosmetic Tool Classification: Cotton
Color Classification:1/2Water-Saving Cotton Puff40Pieces Yellow
For Skin: All Skin Type
Classification of Beauty Tools: Facial Beauty Cosm

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