Madame Gie Blushing My Lips Makeup Tinted Lip Balm

Madame Gie Blushing My Lips Makeup Tinted Lip Balm

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With a moisturizing texture, 'blushing my lips' gives a glossy finish. The product is available in 6 colors that can last long, making the lips feel soft.

01 so cute
02 so hot
03 so pretty
04 so sweet
05 so gorgeous
06 so attractive

How to choose color variation in 1 transaction:

  • click "buy it now"
  • pick a color and quantity, click "buy it now"
  • automatically move to my basket page, click the left turn button (position on top left)
  • repeat from step 1 until all the desired color variants get into your shopping basket.
  • done.

Note: If you want to complain about the lack of compulsory video unboxing. Buying means agreeing, thank you.

It does not receive order changes through notes and chat. We 're just sending the stuff that goes in the shopping cart. Thank

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