Top 13 Best Baby Powders on Shopee Malaysia【202107】


Are you looking for the best Baby Powders but don’t know who to trust? Our team (your life smart assistant!) have collected the best product recommendation list on Shopee Malaysia for you. Our goal is to help you make the right decisions and save your time & money. You can click the product item links to get more detail information.

Recommended List

Alpro Pharmacy- Morinaga BF-1 Infant Milk Powder 700g

Sustagen Kid 3+ Vanilla 1.8kg x 2 - Milk Formula Powder

Nestle Lactogrow 3 Milk Powder 1.8kg x 4 FOC Laundry Bag

ANKOU Air Tight Milk Powder Container - Rectangle 1700ml

Pureen ABD Antibacterial Powder Detergent 1.2kg

Enfagrow A+ MindPro Step 4 Original - 1.8kg x 4 FOC Splash Pool Milk Formula Powder

Anmum Essential Gold Step 3 Formula Milk Powder 1 - 6+ years 1.1kg FOC Anmum Activity Book

Johnson's Baby Mini Travel Kit

Pureen Powder Puff Transparent PP 3

Enfalac A+ Step 2 - 2.4kg Milk Formula Powder

Anakku Baby Soothing Talcum Baby Powder 500g | Bedak Talkum Bayi 165-2005

Pureen Cornstarch Powder 300g

Drypers Baby Talcum 500gm X 2's

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